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Name The Nawab Of Bengal Who Was Defeated By Lord Clive In The Battle Of Plassey? | Cricket MCQs PDF | Important for All Tests in PDF | mcqbucket

  • A. Nawab Shuja-Ud-Daula

  • B. Nawab Siraj-Ud-Daula

  • C. Nawab Salimulah

  • D. Nawab Ammad-Ul-Mulk

Correct Answer Is Option = B

Wallis Matthias Was A Test Cricketer’S Form 1955 To 1962. Which Country Did He Play For?

  • A. Australia

  • B. West Indies

  • C. India

  • D. Pakistan

Correct Answer Is Option = D

The South African Cricket Team Is Known By The Name “Protease. What Exactly Is Protease?

  • A. An Animal Native To Southern Africa

  • B. National Song Of South Africa

  • C. National Flower Of South Africa

  • D. Color Green In Zulu Language

Correct Answer Is Option = C

The Recently Concluded T-20 Cricket World Cup Was Won By

  • A. India

  • B. West Indies

  • C. Australia

  • D. New Zealand

Correct Answer Is Option = B

The First Pakistani Cricket Player To Score 1000 Runs In T20?

  • A. Shahid Afridi
  • B. Muhammad Hafeez
  • C. Muhammad Rizwan
  • D. Imran Nazir

Correct Answer Is = Muhammad Rizwan

The Captain Of Pakistan Cricket Team Which Defeated England At The Oval In 1954 Was?

  • A. Khan Muhammad
  • B. Fazal Mehmood
  • C. Hanif Muhammad
  • D. Abdul Hafeez Kardar

Correct Answer Is = Abdul Hafeez Kardar

Which Cricket Player Has Scored The Most Runs In A Single Innings In A Test Match?

  • A. Henif Muhammad
  • B. Sachin Tandulkar
  • C. Mathew Hayden
  • D. Brian Lara

Correct Answer Is = Brian Lara