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Who Invented A System Of Reading And Writing For The Blind?

  • A. Hale Keller

  • B. Sir Humphrey Davey

  • C. Louis Braille

  • D. Louis Pasteur

Correct Answer Is Option = C

Who Discovered The Solar System?

  • A. Copernicus

  • B. Newton

  • C. Galileo

  • D. Kepler

Correct Answer Is Option = C

Who Invented The Ballpoint Pen?

  • A. Waterman

  • B. Oscar

  • C. Wison

  • D. Laszlo Blre

Correct Answer Is Option = D

Who Invented The Poison Gas, The Decimal Point, And The Toilet Paper?

  • A. The Chinese
  • B. The English
  • C. The Swedes
  • D. The French

Correct Answer Is = The French

Who Invented The Jet Engine?

  • A. Hans Fischer
  • B. Charles Babbage
  • C. Heinnch Geissier
  • D. Frank Whittle

Correct Answer Is = Frank Whittle

Who Invented Bicycle?

  • A. John Hall
  • B. Nelson
  • C. Kari Von Drais
  • D. Louis Braille

Correct Answer Is = Louis Braille

Who Was The Inventor Of Mouse?

  • A. Douglas Engelbartً
  • B. Ada Lovelace
  • C. Charles Babbage
  • D. None Of These

Correct Answer Is = None Of These

Lightening Rod And Bifocal Spectacles Were Invented By:

  • A. Benjamin Banneker
  • B. Bebjamin Frankiln
  • C. Alessandro Volta
  • D. Thomas Edison

Correct Answer is= Thomas Edison